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This site exists to show those who need to know that I do have an ability to write reasonable prose and also to take competent photographs to illustrate the same prose where necessary.

My many years of writing experience includes news and feature articles, fiction, advertising copy, and business writing of all kinds. I am also a diligent proof-reader, conscientious editor, and meticulous researcher.

My news and feature articles have appeared in many well-known popular consumer magazines, local newspapers and trade publications. I have also written press releases, newsletters and marketing materials for small to medium-sized companies.

With a background in law enforcement, medicine, the military, business and teaching, I can bring plenty of first-hand specialist knowledge to my writing, editing and translating.

I’m A Teacher, Too

I also teach English from my home in Spain.  I naturally speak Spanish, my level is fair to crap.

I have taught English for many years in classrooms in Spain. I now teach exclusively online using Skype, and online. You can find out more at Britlish.com

I have students in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and even Australia.

You can join my students by taking an Introductory Class.

My eBooks

I am currently writing a course to teach as many students as possible the things that I know are most important to them. My first eBook is the Sounds British, An Interactive British IPA Chart, which can be bought through my website, SoundsBritish.com. The book also has a 2000+ question Practice Pack. The rest of the course will be delivered as an online course through my learning management system (LMS).

I am also working on a course on how not to sound rude in English which will be available at SoundsRude.com.

About My Online School:

I have an online English school providing free English language learning materials.

* Free Video English lessons
* Interactive English Lessons
* Hangman Games
* Multimedia Quizzes
* 40,000+ English quotations
* Forum for students to ask me questions about English.

Online English Classes

I also offer private English classes online at low cost.

I provide Online Classes using Skype and screen-sharing technology.

My students benefit from having access to a qualified, experienced English teacher when and where they choose.

Introductory Class

Book an Introductory Class.

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